College Planning

Going to school?  Our College Planners can help you create an academic and financial plan that is based on defining your future career plans.

Our students benefit from a holistic approach to planning for higher education. Learn more...

63 CLOur class of 2013 saved an average of 63% off the sticker price of college.

New Challenges

It's no secret that preparing for college these days barely resembles what we as parents faced in our day.  Before you jump in to tackling this process - we'll help you see the big picture of today's college planning landscape.

Are you ready for the biggest investment of your life?

You wouldn’t buy a house, large amount of stock or a car without consulting an expert, right? Prepare for making your investment in higher education the same way!

College Liftoff can guide you through this decision making process. By holistically planning for your future you will gain clarity about your career goals, pick the best school to prepare you for going to work and make sure that you don’t overpay for college – or take on more debt than you can handle.

You are about to make a long-lasting decision about where you are headed in life…are you as prepared and confident as you should be for this type of investment?

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For families

We begin each relationship with an assessment of where you need the most guidance. There are dozens of moving parts to this process and we want to support you where you need it the most. Every student’s situation is different!

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For financial advisors

Help your clients protect their retirement investments We hear you. We support you. Now let’s show your clients that you mean business. saving for college The realities of funding today’s college expenses are finally hitting home – but not strong enough in our view.

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For business & community

College Liftoff offers workshops to local businesses and community organizations to help parents with college-bound students learn how to treat higher education like an investment. Our promise?

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