As the cost of college continues to rise, student loan debt tops $1.3 trillion, employment opportunities continue to shift, and preparation required to compete for the career fields that our growing, students need a plan for their future in a way that is both meaningful and relevant.

We believe in teaching our students and their families about the options and strategies related to choosing and paying for college. The process is repeatable, and our research methods and tools can be used for future life-changing decisions.

Each relationship we build with our student families is unique and rewarding. We are thankful for the opportunity to help and look forward to having a significant impact on the way college planning is supported for all families.

Aaron Green

Aaron_1843pcAfter Aaron Greene’s mother scrimped and saved to send him to a private high school, Aaron made a promise to pay for college on his own. He found enough scholarships, work-study jobs and affordable financial aid packages to fund not only his Ohio State University degree, but also a study abroad trip to Greece and his first entrepreneurial venture. Aaron spent several years with a private airline as a jet engine mechanic and launched a real estate investment portfolio.

College Liftoff emerged from Aaron’s desire to help students learn to treat education like an investment, accounting for the career, academic, and financial factors that shape this decision. He has also forged a debt control calculation to set student loan debt limits for each student. College Liftoff opened its first office in Columbus, Ohio in May 2009.

Meet Aaron Greene: (614) 329-6633 / aaron@collegeliftoff.com / LinkedIn

Gina Jacob

Gina_1851pcGina Jacob has been working in the Central Ohio business community for nearly twenty years. Her college experience brought her to the great state of Ohio and she’s never turned back! Most of her professional experience has been focused on workforce development, including the selection and development of talent, retention and career planning for young professionals, and preparing high potential talent for leadership roles.

Her passion for working with young professionals began early in her career while recruiting college graduates for one of the largest global audit and tax firms for regional and international placement. She has worked for private and publicly held companies, including small, mid-size and Fortune 500; her industry experience includes manufacturing, professional services and financial services. Gina’s background has prepared her to help college-bound students connect with career opportunities that best match their interests, talents and passion – and to choose a school that will best prepare them for the job market or graduate school.

Meet Gina Jacobgina@collegeliftoff.com / LinkedIn

Alex Schnulo

Alex Schnulo is a Central Ohio native, and a graduate of Olentangy Liberty High School. Before joining College Liftoff, Alex was a college dropout working in retail and sales with intentions of going back to school and finish his bachelor’s degree, but lacking the best path to tackle this goal.  After meeting with Aaron and Gina, he was inspired by the College Liftoff process.  Three months later, and he was re-enrolled in college and offered a spot on the advisory team.

Alex is currently in his final year of undergraduate studies, pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in Education from The Ohio State University. He is excited to share his passion and experience with other students, and help them head off to college with an exit plan in mind. Alex enjoys spending time with his fiancée and two dogs. He is the assistant director for the War Eagle Winterline, an indoor drumline and color guard program for middle school students in the Olentangy School District.

Meet Alex Schnulo: alex@collegeliftoff.com / LinkedIn