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Help your clients protect their retirement investments

We hear you.  We support you.  Now let's show your clients that you mean business.

The realities of funding today's college expenses are finally hitting home - but not strong enough in our view.  More and more, parents are unfortunately turning to their retirement accounts to help pay for college.  And according to the many economic forecasts, this is going to have a profound impact on the ability of today's parents to fund retirement.  Not only is robbing a retirement account to pay for college "bad form," it's also bad practice for our economy.

So, what do we do?  We help your client learn to treat college like an investment and understand how to avoid overpaying for a bachelor's degree.  NONE of our families at College Liftoff pay full price for school.  In fact, last year our Senior Class saved an average of 63% in scholarships and grants on the listed "sticker price" for the school they chose to attend.

We can do better.  Let us show your clients how!