Success Stories

Hannah Peterson, Class of ’12

hannahAfter a year of researching colleges and nursing programs on her own, Hannah, an accomplished student, proactively sought help from College Liftoff.


Hannah had well-developed specifications, she needed help identifying the best choice for preparing for the nursing profession. The family was also concerned about their anticipated EFC (Expected Family Contribution) – a number that they knew was unreasonable for their family budget. She met one-on-one with Aaron and mapped the financial layout of each school, evaluated the academic strengths of each program, and prepared heavily for scholarship interviews. As a result of this hard work and diligence, Hannah obtained a full tuition scholarship to a top school – a great value and her number one choice. Hannah will save $124,000 in tuition fees over the course of obtaining her undergraduate degree in nursing. That’s an annual savings of $31,000 that does not need to be paid directly to the university or taken out in loan debt.


Kim, Class of ’10

Kim, a high school junior, wants to be a teacher.
Her dream school is $38,000/year.
Over four years, she’ll spend $152,000!


College Liftoff researched her career path, and discovered: The Ohio State University is only $19,000/year. Academically, Ohio State is ranked higher than her dream school. In five years, she could have a Master’s and save $57,000. Notre Dame is $49,000/year… but! They give students an average $35,000 in aid. In four years, she could have a BA, save $56,000 … and then pursue a one-year Master’s at her dream school Kim chose Notre Dame. We walked her through the application process. Then we found scholarships, grants and work-study jobs that reduced her debt from $152,000 to $20,000 – at a Top 20 school!


Sam, Class of ’10

Sam, a high school junior, wanted to be a physical therapist. His “dream school” cost $39,000/year. Physical therapists need both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Sam’s favorite university will put him $156,000 in debt – before graduate school starts!


College Liftoff talked with Sam, researched his career path and found out: University of Louisville (KY) is only $15,000/year. Academically, it ranks higher than his dream school. They have their own hospital with career connections. Ohio Northern University is also $39,000/year, but: They give students an average $12-15,000 in scholarships. They’re connected to Case Western’s great graduate school. Sam chose Ohio Northern. College Liftoff walked him through the application process, found (and verified) a dozen scholarships, set up grants and work-study jobs, and helped him reduce his debt from $156,000 to $35,000. He’ll save $121,000– money he can spend attending his dream university for graduate school!


“Thank you for a great two-week Senior Boot Camp. The information presented was very helpful and served to inspire Brittany and me to set aside some time every week to focus on the work ahead of us that needs to be done over the next six months.” – Bob Courtney, Brittany’s dad

Because of College Liftoff, I’ll earn my B.S. with zero debt and be able to save for medical school.

Nick, Class of ‘09

Arielle, Class of ‘09

“We didn’t know how to start preparing my granddaughter for her degree. College Liftoff helped her plan all four years of school. They minimized her loans, found safe housing and researched some great work-study programs.” – Gloria, Arielle’s Grandmother

Sarah Rini, Class of ’12

“Just wanted to let you know that Sarah and I have been so appreciate of all the assistance that College Liftoff has provided to Sarah and our family, as we go through the process of Sarah selecting and enrolling in college.


You have been excellent at helping a sometimes “reluctant” senior to take the necessary steps, in a timely fashion, to improve her chances of success when going through the challenging journey of her final year of high school and her impending first year of college. It is a stressful time for all involved. How helpful and comforting it is to have professionals to go to who remove some of the “guess work” with practical advice, backed up with experience and hard facts. Please know all your hard work and effort are appreciated!” – Melisa Rini, Sarah’s mom


Romisha, Class of ‘10

100x100-2-Female-Students“I had a 4.0 GPA and totally overwhelming options for college. Aaron helped me find a school that I actually loved, and he made sure I knew my way around.”